Clean Concrete patio: make the right impression!

Do you need clean concrete?

Have a tough stain in your concrete floor or driveway that you cant get out? You’ve come to the right place. A spotless concrete patio or parking lot is nice to look at and gives a great first impression and best of all adds value to your property.

A simple yet effective method of adding value to your home or commercial property is to make sure you have clean concrete. Nothing looks better then a nice, clean, fresh looking concrete parking lot, driveway or patio.

Let’s face it, your clean concrete will eventually become stained. How to clean your concrete patio? Simply apply a preventative glaze better known as concrete stain sealer. They are extremely effective against stains. Also, they enhance the natural colors of the concrete. It is easily applied, and makes clean up of spills or stains very easy.

However, once a nasty stain has penetrated your concrete surface, there are still some simple steps you can take to remove them. Cleaning your concrete surface is important. Nonetheless it can be tough to make the right decision when choosing a concrete stain remover right for your job.

Here is a basic guideline for choosing the right concrete stain remover to keep you concrete clean:

* Check on the label to see what stains it is intended for.

* What is the best method of application?

* Make sure it friendly to the environment.

* Hazardous chemicals involved or not? If so, be careful.

* Is it to be used indoors or out or both?

Generally speaking, there are a couple of things you want to do before cleaning your concrete:

• Clean concrete area of debris.

• Sweep the floor and then scrub it thoroughly using a cleaning agent.

• If you are trying to rid your surface of or paint or glue, there are specific chemical strippers that can found at your local hardware store.

• You are now ready to attack that nasty stain.

Occasionally you may run into to stains that just never seem to go away. The most common stain like this is old deposited motor oil on outdoor concrete and caulking and glue on indoor concrete. Even after your best efforts, it is still visible. At this stage, you may have to resort to using abrasion methods.

Beware however, as this method takes the top layer of concrete away. This area can turn out differently after being sealed or stained then the concrete next to it.

After your job is done, you will have to clean the area again. This is to ensure that the entire residue from the concrete stain remover or degreaser is gone. Scrubbing the surface again with a cleaning agent and rinsing the area out can do this.

After the final rinsing, the recommended method of drying is to wet vacuum out the debris and left over water. Not only does this help the concrete dry quicker, you are also removing the debris from the area. Mopping tends to move the remains around as opposed to removing them. For outdoor concrete, simply let air dry and make sure to mark off the area that was cleaned until it is dry.