Concrete Acid Stains, the unique look you want!

There are so many ways to upgrade your patio or pool deck, walk or driveway using concrete acid stains. With the help of concrete acid stain you transform that dull concrete slab in to that eye-catching showpiece.

Other great qualities that acid stains can provide your surface include, extending the life of your concrete, making your concrete out of the ordinary, and reduce the maintenance required to keep it looking new.

Concrete acid is a deep penetrating stain that reacts with the concrete’s inner minerals. Once the reaction has taken effect you are left with an aesthetically pleasing and unique finish. This can be done on new or old concrete.

World of Concrete Care acid stains will enhance any decor, inside or out, in both residential and commercial settings. Get that natural look that will not chip, crack or peel or yellow.

Acid stain concrete floors are the right selection for both indoor and outdoor floor surfaces. Used for both residential and commercial jobs, concrete staining gives you a fresh, eye-catching look to driveways, patios, walkways and entrances.

It is designed for high-traffic areas and is extremely affordable. The easiest way to apply a concrete stain is to spray it on with one of World of Concrete Care’s spray systems.

Transform an ordinary concrete slab with World of Concrete Care’s concrete acid stains into the look of expensive flooring. The best part, it costs much less then the alternatives. Low maintenance, low financial commitment, limitless design and color options and durability add up to the only way to go for the stand out floor you want.

In contrast to paint, World of Concrete Care’s stains can react uniquely with individual concrete slabs, thus creating a unique multi-toned color resembling real natural stone.
Acid stain concrete floors take on the look of sealed stone, marble, or old-world tile.

Some other great benefits other then style and flare:

• Reduces allergies and fungus in your house or commercial property

• Save you money on carpets and rugs that need replacing

• Odor free once stain has been applied

• Extremely easy to clean and maintain

• Durable