Concrete Block Construction, stack them up!

Concrete block construction is very popular and often used for residential foundations, but is not simply limited to that focus. It is also widely used in above ground construction as well. In commercial settings, concrete blocks are used to form walls for many different kinds of buildings.

Concrete blocks provide a long lasting material and are comparatively low-cost to install and maintain. In residential and small commercial projects, concrete blocks are filled with foam. This type of block construction provides an amazing insulation barrier when compared to simple concrete blocks.

Concrete Block Construction uses as the name suggests, simple concrete blocks. They are commonly fabricated in standard sizes.

Here are examples of standard sizes used for the fabrication of concrete blocks:

• (8” X 8” X 16”)

• (4” X 8” X 16”)

• (6” X 8” X 16”).

The actual size of the block is smaller than the size indicated so that mortar can be applied. This way the mortar can be included in the size.

Usually, the building designer determines the size of the project. However, it is important for the drafter to be aware of the standard principals of block construction. Wall lengths, opening locations and wall and opening heights must be based on the standard size of the block being used. Failure to do so can increase the chance of higher labor costs and having to cut the blocks on site to meet the needs of the project.

Once all these considerations have been taken in to account, the following construction is very straight forward, and in most cases with a little help, can be done by the average “do- it-yourselfer”. All your project needs is the right tools and product to complete the job.

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Top 3 Reasons why blocks are the right choice for your project:

• Economical

• Long Lasting

• Add Value to your property

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