Concrete Block Fence, protect your privacy

A concrete block fence must be built correctly to withstand the test of time. If the fence is built incorrectly or with improper materials, the results can be very costly. Block fences are strong, easily built and with the right sealer, completely waterproof. More importantly, they are an excellent choice as a fence for your home or business to get the privacy you need with a style you love.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding to build your own fence and what materials and tools you will need:

* Do you have the right blocks for the job at hand?

* Do you have the right footing for your block fence?

* Did you correctly estimate the amount of blocks and mortar required?

* Is your site prepared before laying the concrete blocks?

* Are you ready to start laying the concrete blocks?

Once these considerations can be answered you can begin to build your block fence. One very important characteristic that can be attained with proper construction is strength. Strength is a very important aspect when building a block fence because, in most cases, they are outside and exposed to the elements.

Fences must be strong and properly built to withstand harsh winters with high winds or the scorch of constant sunshine in the summer. Also, with out proper structural support, backfill soil can rapidly break or push in a concrete block fence.

When concrete blocks are properly filled with mortar and rebar at time of construction it provides a great insulation barrier to outside elements creating a wonderful area of privacy. Also, the width and height of this wall is great for dampening sound coming from inside or outside the fence.

Benefits of using concrete fences:

• Ability to do it yourself

• Great Way to Get Privacy

• Doesn’t require heavy machinery or pour machines

• Stronger then poured concrete

• Concrete blocks are pre-made, giving you high quality concrete.

In the end there is a lot to consider when building your fence project. Having the ability to build a concrete block fence for privacy yourself is definitely a benefit. The result is a direct financial savings, as you don’t need a contractor. However, to have the fence stand the test of time they need to be completely waterproof. You can do this by using a high quality waterproof sealer.