Concrete Block House Plan, the evolution

A concrete block house plan is a home plan designed in blocks with poured concrete. They are commonly referred to as insulated concrete form houses (ICF’s). An ICF combines conventional reinforced concrete walls with updated rigid foam insulation. This is done in a way that is cost effective and doesn’t limit you to a conventional set of house plans.

Concrete plans using ICF’s are better then traditional concrete plans. They can consist of many styles and different floor plans. The only difference is that they consist of poured concrete wall construction rather then concrete blocks. Concrete house plans, tend to be more common in more temperate climates, however they are very popular in colder climates as well because of the great insulation that can be achieved.

This great insulation of ICF concrete houses make them not only a great place to live but a very economical choice a well. Commonly these buildings are one-story designs, however for quite a while, concrete house plans have been available as two-story plans as well.

This style of home design is able to withstand a wide variety of weather conditions. From extreme cold to very windy, these structures are typically knows for their structure strength.

Key Reason to choose an ICF for your home or building

•Wide Variety of Building Designs

•Great Insulation Factor

•Cost Effective

•Add Value to your home

•Relatively easy to make

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