Concrete Block Waterproofing, helping you keep the water out.

Concrete block waterproofing is an integral part of maintaining your house. With out it, your home could be subject to costly water damage. In fact, wet basements are the most common homeowner complaint.

The quality of sealers has improved dramatically with the advent of newer technologies and chemical mixes allowing for sealers with no environmentally harmful solvents or VOC’s. It’s a shame that high quality sealers weren’t available much earlier because many houses weren’t sealed properly. The most result was seeping water entering the house, and as a result of the moisture, fungus. Combined, water and fungus are responsible for a lot of costly repairs and health concerns.

Now, there is a simple solution, WOCC’s Penetrating Concrete Sealer. It goes deep inside concrete chemically bonding, and finally settling as a protective mineral. This seals concrete from water, vapor, and even harmful gases. In fact with WOCC’s sealer you can:


• Prevent Dampness

• Preserve your concrete

• Gas Resistant

• All in One Product

This is industrial strength waterproofing sealer! Simple to apply, and permanent when dry.

Spray it on for a quick and easy for do it yourself project. This product is perfect for old or new basements or walls. Don’t let any more water damage ruin your home or building.

Use WOCC’s Waterproof sealer can be applied to:

• Concrete or cinder blocks

• Stone foundations

• Poured concrete

Concrete block waterproofing helps you protect your new basement investment! Today is the best time to prevent future wetness problems or to repair the damage you currently have. With our help you can transform your weak concrete to tough crack resistant waterproof concrete.

WOCC’s concrete waterproof sealer is a colorless, non-toxic, non-flammable. The best way to apply it is with a WOCC spray system. Let WOCC help you end your leaky home or building and preserve it for years to come