Concrete Care Product Store

Need concrete care products? Our store has many different products, from concrete patio molds to mixable concrete to concrete cleaning products.

Need inspiration for a concrete garden project or are you looking to liven up your existing concrete? These books are great ways to get inspiration for DIY concrete projects!

We also carry concrete-safe deicers that are biodegradable, pet-safe, and plant-safe.

Have an oil or grease stain on your concrete that you hate seeing? Get it out with our eco-friendly degreasers. These can take out oil or grease from many different kinds of surfaces, and can even clean clothing!

1 Gallon Oil Eater

An eco-friendly degreaser easily removes oil stains on concrete. This 1-gallon container can be used on asphalt, concrete and even clothing.

5 Gallon Oil Eater

Want to remove oil stains from concrete without using harsh chemicals or harmful cleaners? This 5 gallon concrete degreaser is biodegradable and eco-friendly.

55 Gallon Oil Eater

Use a biodegradable degreaser to clean oil stains from concrete! This 55 gallon drum of ultra-concentrated degreaser will help you clean anything from floors to greasy machine parts to clothing.

AK Orange 5 Gallon

A 5 gallon container of an eco-friendly, orange-based cleaner helps you clean grease, oil, and gas stains from any surface.

AK Orange 55 Gallon

Whether you have grease stains on your concrete patio, concrete driveway, or even inside a warehouse or factory on your concrete floors, you'll need to know how to remove grease from concrete if you want to apply any kind of sealers or stains.

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