How to Remove Oil from Driveway

A 5 gallon container of an eco-friendly, orange-based cleaner helps you clean grease, oil, and gas stains from any surface.


Product Description

The AK Orange Cleaner is a great way to clean oil, grease, or gas stains from a multitude of surfaces. Commercially, it can be used to clean stoves, exhaust filters and hoods, carpets, parts and tools, and can also be used to remove wax or to clean concrete floors.

Domestically, you can use this cleaner to spot treat laundry stains, to remove scuff marks, to clean fiberglass or BBQ grills, or even as a way to clean your bathroom’s tub, tiles and grout.

No need to use gloves–this orange-based biodegradable cleaner is non-toxic and non-corrosive.

Tired of oil and gas stains on your driveway? If you’re thinking about getting your driveway sealed, you absolutely must get rid of the stains first; otherwise, your driveway seal will get damaged and eaten up by the oil and gas underneath the surface.

It may seem difficult when you think of how to remove oil from driveway, but it’s not that hard. Just use this degreaser according to the directions; it will penetrate your asphalt or concrete and soak up the oil. Then, just rinse away!

Apart from being ugly, oil and gas stains can harm your driveway. Get a good degreaser to keep up the appearance of your property! Not limited to just driveways, this product can be used on walkways, parking lots, warehouse and factory floors, and more.

Guilt-free cleaning with an environmentally-friendly degreaser!

Doesn’t corrode your equipment!

Gentle enough to use on clothing, strong enough to remove grease from tools and machines!

Now that you know how to remove oil from driveway, how about preventing stains? Using a concrete sealer will add a protective layer and cleaning up spills as they happen should be easier. However, if you leave a stain for too long it may eventually soak into the concrete regardless of the concrete sealer. You’d then have to use cleaning agents to remove the stain.

Product Specs

Dimensions: 13″ W x 12.2″ D x 13.7″ H
Weight: 45.25 lbs