Concrete Equipment, the right tools for your job

Concrete Equipment can help you pour a concrete patio, smooth a repaired surface, or stamp your concrete. One thing you need to do all of this is the proper tools and equipment to get the job done right. However, choosing what equipment you need for your job can be quite a overwhelming experience.

Equipment and concrete tools can fall in to many categories depending on what type of job you want to accomplish. All of these tools are used for specific jobs related to concrete. Although all of these tools can seem confusing, not to worry! Ive included a brief description of what each tool us used for.

Here are the most common categories:

Concrete Equipment and Tools


Used to cut through concrete

Surface Preparing tools

Used for grinding and coating removal

Polishing Equipment

Used to finish and polish concrete

Floor Coating Equipment

Squeegees, rollers, guage rakes, knockdown trowels, mixing paddles

Concrete Mixers

Used to mix concrete mechanically

Concrete Pumps

Used to pump concrete to your laying area

Concrete Spray System

Used to spray sealants, stains

Concrete Vibrators

Used to rid air from your fresh concrete

Concrete Heaters

Used to heat air out of concrete

Concrete Drills

Used to drill in to concrete

Equipment for Texture

Concrete Stamps

Used to make concrete look texturized.

Concrete Skins

Used to make concrete look texturized.

Concrete Stencils

Used to make decorative designs on concrete

Concrete Forms and Molds

Concrete Molds

Used to make specific concrete shapes

Concrete Forms

Used to make specific concrete molds

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