Concrete Fence Mold, build your fence quickly and easily.

A concrete fence mold is essential when building a concrete fence. The molds are decorative, high quality and can be used in both residential and commercial settings. Fence molds have a wide variety of applications, and feature the double sided texture of crafted wood, old brick and stacked stone.

When building a concrete fence, there are two main parts; panels and posts.

Both have specific constructional benefits.

The panel molds are designed to stand up to daily wearing and tearing from pouring, vibrating, curing and stripping concrete. Pouring the concrete and releasing the forms are much easier as the forms are constructed with hinges.

The forms are also made to interlock and be equally thick so the fence will be uniform. The molds are open-ended which eliminates any barriers when pouring concrete in to the panel molds. Many of the common problems associated with pouring concrete can be eliminated with a proper fence mold.

Post and cap molds have a similar function, but do differ slightly. The do not require and hinges as they are enclosed forms. This will prevent any leaking or breaking when you have to strip. Molds for fence post caps are designed to have texture on all sides.

Many home and property owners choose molds because of their cost-efficiency and their style. With today’s technology you can achieve many different fence looks. Also, these fence molds do not need a continuous foundation and are quickly installed. Concrete fence molds have other benefits then simply style. They are an excellent obstruction for sound as well. A fence will also provide you with privacy for your family. No more noisy or nosey neighbors! Your fence will also protect you against high winds and fire.

Benefits of using molds when building a concrete fence

• Short Building time

• Ensures uniformity in height and thickness

• Ability to texturize

• Adds privacy to your home or building

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