Concrete Fence Post, the foundation to a strong long lasting concrete fence.

Concrete fence post are the building blocks to a strong long lasting fence. When properly installed they will provide the foundation for a strong, stylish long lasting fence.With out the proper type of fence posts or incorrectly spacing and installing them, you could be left with an uneven, weak unreliable concrete fence. Here at WOCC we can help you with a few simple things to look out for when building your fence.

Here are a few tips you should consider when installing your fence posts:

Place stakes where you want your fence line. This is very important to do correctly as it will become the basis of where you eventually put your fence post. Make sure your markers are in place and evenly spaced.

To see your actual fence line, tie a string along the top of your stakes. This will point out any obstructions in your fence line. Your posts should be at least 2 feet longer then your projected fence height. You need to do this to provide enough material to put in the ground when your posts go in.

You’re now ready to dig the holes for your fence posts. This is also a very important step as it is easy to do incorrectly. You need the correct tools for this job, and having them will make all the difference. WOCC recommends using a posthole auger. This is a tool specifically designed to dig fence posts.

Once all the post holes have been dug, put some loose gravel at the bottom to help drainage. You will now be able to start pouring your concrete fence post. Make sure your post molds are in place and level before pouring your concrete.

Five benefits of Concrete Fence Posts:

• Work with any soil condition

• Add Value to your home or building

• Resistant to all weather and fire

• Customizable

• Makes your home or building more secure

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