Concrete Floor Coating: How can I top your concrete today?

Concrete floor coating systems can drastically alter the look and feel of any room that contains a concrete surface. Coatings today are industrial-grade, epoxy based and are available in many colors and decorative choices. Homeowners and contractors alike prefer concrete floor coating systems for their surface coating needs.

There are many places that coating can be used. For example:

• Garages

• Basements

• Patios

• Recreational Rooms

• Mud Rooms

• Pet Areas or Kennels

• Industrial or Work Sites

In fact, not only can coatings be used on the aforementioned surfaces, they can be used anywhere a durable, protective finish is needed.

Concrete coating systems are specifically designed for the home handy man. Most coating systems come complete with applicator tools, application instructions, and all the coating materials necessary to finish the job correctly. Make sure you purchase a high quality coating as then you can have confidence in knowing that you are applying a tough, chemical resistant, low maintenance floor coating system. Here at WOCC we recommend purchasing a coating that has a lifetime warranty against the following:

• Blistering

• Peeling

• Chipping

• Tacking

Here at WOCC we carry a varied product line that contains complete floor coating kits and the proper tools and cleaning supplies you need to get the job done right. Professional grade coatings do it your self prices!

Reasons to choose Concrete Floor Coatings for your concrete floor

Coatings are easy to install by yourself. If you follow the instructions properly, you will have your floor coated in minimal time. Once completed, this project will add value to your home or building. There is a huge selection of colors and finishes to match even the most unique design choices. Thanks to WOCC, you have access to the highest quality materials on the market. Only one question remains; what would you like your dull lifeless concrete floor to look like?