Concrete Safety Store

Protect your concrete walls or add safety to your parking lots, parking garages and more. Reduce damages done to cars by adding these products to your concrete parking areas.

Bollard Cover

Use a plastic bollard cover over your concrete bollards to increase visibility, reduce car damage, and increase safety for your parking lots and buildings.

Rubber Speed Bump

Add rubber speed bumps to your parking lot for improved safety. Highly visible, this is made from a highly durable recycled rubber and is gentle on cars when compared to concrete speed bumps.

Wall Guard

Tight parking spaces can be a pain to get into, and it's made even worse when parked alongside a wall. Reduce dings, dents, and a nicked paint job on car doors by installing a wall guard that will prevent the car door from touching the wall.

Wheel Stops

Rubber wheel stops are a small, compact parking curb made specifically for garages. Easy to install and use, these products allow you to park your car within your garage without damaging the walls or other objects inside your garage.

Most people don’t see concrete walls as beautiful, but they play an important role in sheltering your car when they’re used in garages and parking lots. Concrete safety should be considered, especially within tight spaces or places where cars can collide with your concrete. By protecting these surfaces with rubber or rubber-like plastic, you can prevent damage to cars and to the concrete itself.