Rubber Speed Bumps

Add rubber speed bumps to your parking lot for improved safety. Highly visible, this is made from a highly durable recycled rubber.

Rubber Speed Bumps

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Product Description

This recycled rubber speed bump is black with yellow stripes, making it highly visible to drivers. It is 4′ wide, and made out of 100% post-consumer recycled rubber. It is also covered with glass-beaded paint and includes built-in reflectors for maximum visibility and additional safety.

Speed bumps have been typically made out of asphalt or concrete slabs, resulting in high costs for installation, material, and shipping. Nowadays, there are recycled rubber speed bumps or recycled plastic speed bumps. This means that there are more economical and more environmentally friendly solutions for getting drivers to slow down.


Installing rubber bumps is much easier than installing concrete or asphalt. While the former can be done by one or two people, the latter will usually take 3 to 4. Installing asphalt or concrete bumps is also hot work and difficult, meaning it could take several hours for the installation to be complete. Another advantage is that you can install these bumps in any weather since rubber isn’t affected by rain or snow. The easier installation of the rubber bumps allows drivers to use your parking lot much faster than with concrete or asphalt speed bumps.


Rubber is resistant to temperature changes and will not break, chip, or crack over time. Asphalt, on the other hand, is susceptible to temperature changes and can crack from wear and tear.

Better for the Environment

The manufacturing process for asphalt is bad for the environment because of the chemicals and air pollutants that are released. By using recycled rubber for speed bumps, the manufacturers are taking old rubber tires out of landfills and reusing them to help with getting cars to slow down.

These are also better for cars, as they are lower to the ground than typical speed bumps. The increased visibility of these bumps also means drivers are more likely to see them and slow down.

Product Specs


  • 4′ wide
  • Highly visible yellow stripes on black, done with polyurethane glass beaded paint
  • Built-in reflectors
  • Shipping weight: 33 lbs
  • Two 11/4″ cable channels
  • Requires 3 spikes (sold separately)

These specs were last updated on 1/19/2013. Please check Amazon product page for the latest specs.