Wall Guard for Parking Lots and Garages

Tight parking spaces can be a pain to get into, and it’s made even worse when parked alongside a wall. Reduce dings, dents, and a nicked paint job on car doors by installing a wall guard that will prevent the car door from touching the wall.

Wall Guard

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Product Description

With a wall guard, you never have to worry about your car scraping against the wall of your garage or walled-in parking lot. It is a rubber-like pad that you install into your parking structure’s walls. If you park next to the guard and open your door, the guard cushions your door and prevents it from hitting the actual wall surface.

In compact parking lots where everything seems too close together, car damages aren’t just limited to when people hit their car doors against the walls. Sometimes, cars can hit pillars or walls because of the limited area within indoor parking garages. Reduce any possible damage by using wall bumpers and corner guards.

This particular model is made in bright yellow, increasing its visibility. Install in garages, or install in parking lots along walls or pillars. Includes the necessary hardware for you to mount to studs, drywall, brick and concrete.

Prevent Damage Before It Happens

Regardless of what material is used for garage walls or parking lot walls, frequent hitting from car doors will eventually result in damaged walls.  These wall bumpers will prevent both damage to the car and to the wall.

Protect Warehouse and Factory Walls Too

Warehouses and factories often have a few problem spots where forklifts and other vehicles hit the walls. By identifying these problem spots, you can put in a wall guard to protect the walls and forgo having to repair or repaint the walls.

Product Specs


  • 25″ inches long, 0.63″ high, 6.5″ wide
  • Shipping weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Hardware is included for mounting to concrete, brick, drywall or studs
  • For studs, holes are 16-inch and 24-inch apart for easy mounting
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA

Specs were last updated on 1/20/2013. For the latest specs, please visit the Amazon product page.