Wheel Stops for Better Garage Parking

Rubber wheel stops are a small, compact parking curb made specifically for garages. Easy to install and use, these products allow you to park your car within your garage without damaging the walls or other objects inside your garage.

Rubber Wheel Stops

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Product Description

Protect your garage, the items within your garage, and your car(s) with rubber wheel stops. Oftentimes, garages are small and used as storage. When using the garage as storage for your belongings and your car, you may have come upon any of these problems:

  • Hitting or getting too close to the garage wall
  • Not pulling the car in far enough for the garage door to clear the car’s bumper
  • Hitting or getting too close to your stored objects
  • Parking too close to the garage’s entry door so you can’t get out

Some people may have hung a tennis ball from their ceiling; by pulling in to the garage, the tennis ball will hit the hood at the place you need to stop. However, this method has its caveats and disadvantages, as a tennis ball won’t actually stop your tires from moving.

There is now a product that helps you park your car within your garage. Rubber stops are a great way to fit your car within your garage without hitting anything. By placing the stops in the correct location, your car will come in far enough for you to close the garage door. Also, you won’t have to guess how much further you have to pull in–the wheel stops are a clear indicator that you’re in the right parking location.

A rubber wheel stop mat is much easier than hanging a tennis ball. This particular parking mat uses anti-skid tape to prevent the mat from moving and sliding. Just lay it where you want your front wheels to stop, make sure that your car is in just the right position when using the mat, and if it’s in the perfect position, adhere the mat to the floor. The rubber stops on the mat effectively stop your car, letting you know that you’re parked in the proper position.

There are three available colors: black, yellow, and red. They all feature a reflective strip for better visibility, and one size fits all vehicles.

Product Specs


  • Dimensions: 11.5″ x 21.3″ x 0.7″
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 2 lbs

Specs last updated 1/20/2013. For the latest specs, please visit the Amazon product page.