A Precast Concrete Fence will last a lifetime.

A precast concrete fence can provide any property with style, privacy and protection. Precast fences are fabricated to suite a wide variety of different properties types. With today’s interlocking modular pieces, it makes building fences very easy. Precast fences are longer lasting, easier to build and are a great choice if you’ve decided to build a fence on your property.

Precast concrete has many benefits as compared to poured concrete:

• Up to 50% Stronger then poured concrete

• Maintenance Free

• Fiberglass enforceable

• Decreased Building time

There are many reasons to build a fence on your property. Having a fence can provide you with privacy. No one likes to have nosey neighbors peering in to your yard when you’re enjoying time with your friends and family.

Having a fence can also define your property and space. It creates a piece of mind knowing there is a defined barrier between where you live and the outside world. This boundary creates a safety area for your children and pets.

Precast concrete is easily customized. With precast concrete , you can choose from a wide range of styles and colors made to suit any property color scheme. Fences are now becoming extensions of the house with many homes extending the color scheme and texture to include their precast concrete fence.

Precast concrete fences have a wide variety of color choices and textures so you can replicate a huge selection of popular materials. For example, with modular precast pieces you can replicate brick, stone, and even wood. The materials are longer lasting, less labor intensive and virtually maintenance free once installed.

Choosing concrete for your fence has a few other benefits as well:

• Weather Resistant

• Fire Resistant

• Mold and Fungus Resistant

With out a doubt, concrete is by far the best material to choose when deciding on a material for your fence project.

WOCC can help you choose the right amount of materials; color and pattern to best suit your concrete fence project. If you have any questions or are looking for the best information call our toll free line at 1-866-219-7175 and speak with a concrete expert.

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