Precast Concrete Panels are the Building blocks to Solid Structures

Precast concrete panels are the modular building blocks to precast concrete fences, walls retaining walls, floors, walkways and driveways. They can be fabricated to suit a variety of styles and needs.

Precast and prestressed concrete has many benefits including:

• High quality concrete

• Easy installation

• Easily Customized

• Maintenance Free

• Extremely Durable

Panels are usually fabricated in a controlled setting batch plant to be able to make the highest quality pre- stressed concrete. Vigorous measuring and proper planning go in to the process of creating the best concrete possible. The next step is the process, is to add decorative features. Many popular design choices for precast concrete panels include small to medium sized round stone or exposed aggregate and brick.

Using concrete panels is a great idea because your project can be easily modified. Sometimes amendments to your job can be tricky with other materials. Panels enable you to replace only the sections of concrete that need to be changed or replaced eliminating the need to replace an entire section of your project. This can save you time and money large costly repairs.

Another seldom considered benefit to precast concrete panels is the protection they offer for your home. In parts of the country that are affected by severe weather systems like torrential rainstorms and tornados, precast concrete can protect you from flying debris. Many tests have been conducted to validate prestressed concrete durability and have concluded that concrete panels are able to withstand flying debris caused by hurricane force winds.

Concrete panels can also be fitted with many other accessories that enable a quick and easy installation. Windows, electrical outlets and lighting fixture outlets can be built in to the panels to enable easy installation one the panels have been installed.

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