Precast Concrete Pavers, Versatile, Stylish and Economical.

Precast concrete pavers come in many shapes, colors and designs. This versatility gives pavers a unique advantage over other materials used to make concrete surfaces. Here are a few advantages when using pavers:

• Abundant choice of color and shape

• Economical to Install

• Durable and strong

• Easy to Maintain

• Great for all Weather Conditions

Pavers come in all shapes and colors. They can be precast to suit a number of designs requirements and design schemes. They can be easily fit in to a current color and design scheme or stand alone as well depending on what the job requires. Some of the most popular shapes are squares, rectangle, pentagons, hexagons with the ability to interlock on both axes or just one side.

Compared to other materials like clay, sandstone and granite, precast concrete pavers are installed quickly and economically. In most cases, with proper instruction property owners can install the pavers themselves. This significantly reduced the cost of installation, as you do not have to pay a contractor to do the job for you.

Pavers are long lasting and extremely durable. Being made of pre stressed reinforced concrete, they can support almost any function like a driveways, patios, walkways and sidewalk and seldom used roads and private laneways.

Once installed, the pavers are easily maintained. Following installation, coat your job with clear polyurethane coat. This will ensure that the aesthetic appeal and quality of the work will remain in tact for a long time.

Just like many concrete products, precast concrete pavers are extremely versatile, durable and economical. Every year, new more exciting shapes and designs are being produced to create a never-ending list of options to choose from. WOCC can help you determine what shapes and size would best suit your job. WOCC also has a wide range of maintenance products to ensure your project will remain in great shape for a very long time.

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