Precast Concrete, Strength and Durability

Precast concrete is a type of concrete construction, where the concrete is cast in a reusable form. Then after it is formed, it is then cured. After all this is done, it can then be transported to the area of construction.

In contrast, standard concrete is poured into need-specific forms and cured on site. Precast stone is distinguished from precast concrete by using a fine aggregate mixture in the final product. Once cured the result approaches the appearance of naturally occurring rock or stone.

This type of concrete has many benefits compared to regular poured, or on site formed concrete. The main benefit to precast panels are its strength and durability. Many companies use this type of concrete to protect against severe weather and other elements. It is noted to be almost 50% stronger then regular concrete because of the ideal conditions it is formed in.

Another benefit to this type of concrete, is the reduced building time. In many homes across Europe and the Unites States and Canada, precast homes are gaining popularity. Companies are able to produce all exterior walls for the project. Not only do they produce the exterior walls, they fabricate them with all the steel reinforcements as well as electrical wiring and foam insulation and other necessary openings. This technique results in much faster home construction compared to traditional methods.

The next step is left for transportation. Many companies use trucks to carry the panels to where the home is being built. From there, cranes lift them into position. Once properly in position, contractors are able to connect them to the foundation and to each other panel in the project.

Same day construction is possible for some features related to homes. Since most concrete steps and precast fences are standard shapes, they can be built in hours. The concrete panels can be erected in any weather, so interior or exterior work will not be weather dependent.

With today’s groundbreaking concrete homebuilding techniques the possibilities are endless. In a short amount of time you can build beautiful concrete homes in many different styles. Not only can homes be built quickly, they can be energy efficient, safe, and very comfortable. Precast concrete is the right way to build the right home for you.

Beautifully built, and built to last, that’s why precast is the right choice.

Top 5 reasons for building with concrete:

* Environmentally friendly

* Low Maintenance Investment

* Built to Last

* Wise Financial decision

* Energy Efficient

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