Stained Concrete

Regardless of what color or tone you choose, stained concrete is a smart, economical decision. The result can add value to your home or business and have a dramatic effect on appearance.

Acid colored concrete turns normal lifeless concrete floors and concrete patios into vibrant textured concrete that is affordable, easy to maintain, and unique. The rich, full appearance of a concrete patio stain on a new patio is priceless. Even using a transparent concrete floor stain can make a dramatic difference and makes it a preferred flooring choice for many homes and businesses!

For first timers, if you have never stained before it is best to read up on the different methods of application to achieve the results you want. This could save you time and money. Read the label, and double check the color or tone.

For do it yourselfers, if your floors are currently either stained or covered with an overlay there are a few extra steps that are required before applying any stain. Depending on the look and feel you are trying to achieve, some of the scrapes and scratches on the floor can add to the final look and feel.

With a wide variety of custom-blended, earth-tone colors, scoring patterns, borders or other designs the choices are endless. If you feel overwhelmed, simply consult a professional by calling our toll free line at 1-866-219-7175.

In the end, there are many choices you can decide upon that will change the dull lifeless appearance of your concrete floor. Keep in mind however, that concrete floors are the longest lasting, most economical compared to many other options.

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