Stamped Colored Concrete, get the look and color you want.

People around the world are agreed on stamped colored concrete floors being the style of choice when it comes to building or designing new homes or businesses.

There are many reasons why this is true. Stamped colored concrete floors can be stained, colored, painted, and customized to suit a variety of needs and trends. They are similar to a blank canvas. Especially on interior concrete because, like a blank canvas, it can be stamped and colored any way the designer or builder likes.

As a result of its versatility, stamped colored concrete floors have become extremely popular. With the assortment of colors and combination of acid stains, or paint or concrete overlays, you are only restricted by your imagination. Stamped concrete floors no longer have to be dull and lifeless. With the endless options for color and stain as well as textures and scouring techniques, you can bring your floor to life. The technology and different application techniques have become so advanced that, even to a trained eye, concrete can resemble a marble finish.

Not only is concrete unique when stained or painted, it also has a much longer life expectancy compared to other materials. For example carpets and vinyl overlays can tear, or be stained. Also, daily wear and tear can deteriorate them. Spills or flooding can also damage these overlays. People allergic to dust or molds that builds up in carpet don’t have that issue with concrete flooring. Keep in mind that in the short run, carpet and vinyl overlays are cheaper but have to be replaced more often.

Many people see something they like on television or in a magazine and try to replicate it. People from all over the country are realizing that having the floors they want is easier then they had anticipated. Not only does it make the property look better, but it adds value too.

Here are the top 5 reasons why stamped colored concrete is a popular material for floors:

• Long lasting. Once a concrete floor has been laid, it won’t have to be replaced.

• Stamped concrete floors are easy to maintain.

• From a resale point of view, concrete can be altered. No design is permanent. You can re-stain, repaint or use different stamp pattern.

• Stamped colred concrete floors are more energy efficient then wood or other materials. This energy efficiency will reduce your utility bills.

• Better for your health. Dirt and allergens don’t gather together on concrete as they do on other surface treatments containing fibered materials

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