Stamped Concrete Cost, the Stylish yet Economical Solution

Stamped concrete cost comparatively less when compared to other materials used to pave or overlay driveways, patios and almost any concrete surface. Concrete stamps have many benefits other then just cost as well. Using concrete stamps you are able to replicate a number of different looks at a fraction of the cost of using the real materials like brick for example.

The advantages of concrete stamps over brick or pavers are many, and include the following:


Stamped concrete cost are typically 30 percent less than a standard installation of brick or brick pavers on average. A basic stamp job consisting of one pattern and one color can range from 6 dollars a foot to 9 dollars a foot depending on the size of your job and type of stamp you choose and labor costs. For more complex stamps consisting of many different patterns and colors, the stamped concrete cost can range from 15 dollars per square foot or higher.

Also, larger surfaces that needs to be stamped usually are associated with a lower cost per square foot price wise. For example, a smaller job (less then 250 square feet) will cost more per square foot as compared to a larger job (more then 1000 square feet) would cost less per square foot. Keep in mind also that borders and steps are extra.

The cost alone associated with installing natural bricks or stones far exceeds the total cost of stamping an entire concrete surface.

Low Maintenance

There are no spaces in between concrete stamps, although it can be made to look so. Bricks however do have space between them and dirt can settle and provide a nice place for weeds to flourish. This eliminates are number of common problems associated with spaced surfaces such as the need to spray weed killer, weeding, or even mowing the weeds on your patio.

Flush Surface

A lot of natural seasonal patters like the winter spring freeze/thaw cycle, spring time heavy rains, as well as everyday traffic, cause separated materials like pavers to shift, settle, or separate. This can cause a number of problems. Mainly, maintenance is the biggest issue as the displaced materials need to be fixed. On roadways, another frequently occurring problem is a general up and down rolling effect, which cannot be eliminated without redoing the entire job.

Stamped concrete is just that, regular concrete with a customized top. Just like regular concrete it should last many, many years. To maintain that brand new look, WOCC recommends to have your concrete stamps sealed. Having your surface sealed protects your investment in the long run and holds the value of your surface maintaining or increasing the overall value of your property.

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