Stamped Concrete Design, endless choice of Decorative Patterns

Stamped concrete designs can be done in a variety of patterns, colors and finishes to achieve a custom look.

Discover the options for stamped concrete at WOCC. We can help in your goals to achieve a number of finishes including high-end flagstone or brick or slate rock. With the right equipment and high quality product you will have the stamped concrete design you want shipped fast and free right to your door.

Decorative concrete has gained much popularity in the past years because of the advancements in different materials used to stamp and the rising number of designs available to suit and match or blend in to almost any current or desired decorative look.

As always, to achieve the desired look, it is very important to prepare your concrete surface before applying the special polymerized concrete overlay. Surface can include scouring, acid washing or etching. This step will ensure a fresh clean surface where you can place your desired final effect.

Make sure to have a quality durable material for your concrete stamps. Here are WOCC we have a wide selection of stamps and designs to suit the look you want. We offer ¼ inch thick stamps that are durable, easy to use.

Also, having a coat of liquid release applied to your stamps will help when removing the stamp from the concrete. Liquid release is a coating applied to the stamp that facilitates the removal from the concrete right after stamping. Very similar to a “Pam” non stick spray on for concrete.

Finally, once the desired effect is achieved and the job is done, you must lastly coat the surface with a sealer. Depending where you have stamped, you could use an epoxy or polyurethane or acrylic sealer. This will prolong the life of your surface, make it easier to maintain and bring out the lushness and brilliance of your stamped design.

Why choosing a stamped concrete design can add value to your property:

• Aesthetically Pleasing

• Easy to Install

• Long Lasting

• Adds Value to your existing property

• Extremely Versatile

• Endless Choice for Stamped Designs

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