Stamped Concrete Driveway Project are a Great way to Add Value to your Property

Stamped concrete driveway projects can be done easily, by your self or with the help of a friend and at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone else to do the job for you. It will add value to your current property, and also improve the overall aesthetic appeal.

The driveway must be properly prepared before a stamping, and this includes cleaning it by scouring, etching or pressure washing. Once this is completed, you can start by laying out a quarter inch-layer of polymer modified concrete, spraying the stamps with nonstick spray and stamping the entire area with the appropriate design.

A gauged rake is a great tool that will help you lay the layer of polymer modified concrete. It is essential that the concrete that is being placed is an even quarter inch layer. This will provide the perfect platform to receive stamps. The gauged rake is adjustable and will give you the right tool to be able to spread the concrete evenly and with out much effort.

One you have completed pouring and spreading your layer of concrete, you are now ready to prepare you stamps to be used. WOCC suggests greasing your stamps with a non stick layer of spray. This release agent will enable you to properly impress the designs in to your stamped concrete driveway and removed them without sticking to your fresh concrete. Make sure to finish the entire area with the stamps you want.

The next step after the impressions have been made in your stamped concrete driveway is to add color. The most popular choice for adding color is to stain your driveway. This will give a nice additional layer of depth to your project. Also, this is where your design comes to life and results in an authentic finish.

The final step in finishing your stamped concrete driveway is to seal the entire stamped area. This will protect your freshly stamped and stained concrete. For your driveway, you should use a dual- component polyurethane sealer. This type of sealer is heat and oil resistant and will extend the life of your stamped driveway and make it easier to maintain in the future.

Step by Step Guide to Successfully Stamping your Concrete:

• Prep your Surface by cleaning the entire area first

• Place an even layer of polymer modified concrete at least a ¼ inch thick.

• Stamp Concrete

• Stain Concrete

• Seal Concrete

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