Stamped Concrete Hardscapes, plan ahead for a great final design.

Stamped concrete hardscapes will add value to your current property, and also improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your concrete. These projects can be done easily, by your self or with the help of a friend and at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone else to do the job for you.

if you don’t have the tools or know how, you can always hire a contractor to do the work for you if you don’t mind paying extra to not have to do the work yourself. There is an endless selection of styles and customizations that can be done to any hardscape to make it unique or to suit a current design theme.

The key to having the stamped concrete hardscape you desire is proper planning. This step along with the right choices in color and design can help you transform any dull drab hardscape into an eye catching, value adding feature to your property.

Here are just a few examples of choices you have when deciding what to include for your custom hardscape:

• Thin Stamped overlays

• Custom Logo Inlays,

• Hand Carved Concrete

• Vertical Carving

• Simulated Rock or Boulder Scapes

• Splatter Textures

• Concrete Restoration

• Landscape Design

• Outdoor Kitchens

• Custom Fountains and Water Features

No matter the choice of designs or colors, one thing that all concrete hardscapes have in common is concrete. First and foremost, you must have a good batch of concrete to be able to receive the stamping. If this is not done correctly, you could be left with a poor quality stamp that is difficult to maintain and not very appealing. Be sure to have high quality concrete before starting your stamped concrete hardscapes.

Hardscape design and installation is also a very important aspect in achieving your desired final look. Sometimes, allocating certain elements of your hardscape to achieve a certain design can be quite challenging. It always helps to speak with an expert who can help. In the end, consulting with someone else can always bring in a new perspective to contrast with. This can be helpful in determining what you don’t want as well as what you do want to include in your final design.

Here at WOCC , have our experts provide you with accurate and helpful tips to help you finish and start enjoying your newly finished stamped concrete hardscapes.

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