Stamped Concrete Patterns, make a great decorative concrete patio.

With today’s technology and abundant designs there are endless choices for stamped concrete patterns.These patterns are used on walkways, pool decks, patios and driveways and any other surface you can think of that you want to add some style and flair to.

Choosing to use concrete as your material of choice when stamping holds many benefits. It is more cost effective compared to other materials for one. Another major benefit of choosing to stamp your concrete is that you can customize your stamped patterns, as well as the color. This enables you to create a custom design and also match it to an overall theme at your property. Using natural materials often times confines you to predetermined colors and shapes that might not suit or match your current design choices.

Depending on what area, or type of property and surface you are stamping some stamped concrete designs are more practical then others. The benefits of choosing one pattern over another can totally enhance the user experience. In the end, the right choice will provide not only a stylish and durable surface, but naturally flow in the area you are stamping.

For example, you might choose a concrete pattern that has more traction around a pool, and less traction on a foyer inside you house. Also, very intricate patterns might be better suited toward residential properties and larger simpler patterns for expansive areas commonly found on commercial properties.

Here are some of the most popular stamped concrete patters:

• Cobblestone

• Moorish Pavers

• Limestone

• Clay Tile

• River Pebble

• Brick

• Old Brick

• Connecting Octagon

• Clay Tile

• Fractured Slate

• Weathered Wood

• Sandstone

• Old Belgium Stone

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