Stamped Concrete Sealers, protect your investment.

With the help of stamped concrete sealers, you can extend the life of your stamped concrete. If you plan on stamping your concrete, you should also plan on sealing your concrete with concrete sealers.

Concrete, with the right tools can look like many different things. For example it can be made to look like natural stone, brick or slate stone. Because of this versatility and the beautiful results obtained with concrete stamped patios and stamped concrete floors, it has made stamped concrete a very popular choice with homeowners and property owners alike.

But, as with many things in life, concrete gets older and deteriorates. Not so, if you take the proper precautions. Stamping concrete is an investment, and can add value to your property. For that reason, it is always a good idea to protect your investment. Seal your concrete regularly and often, and you will have a surface that keeps its value and is easy to maintain.

There are a couple of factors to consider when determining how often to use a sealer.

High traffic area (i.e.: High foot traffic, auto traffic, unprotected concrete) These areas you will have to seal more often

Low traffic areas (i.e. Areas that do not receive much traffic and is protected)There areas don’t have to be sealed as often as the high traffic areas.

Because of the porous nature of concrete, it has a tendency to absorb all sorts of liquids that can make it deteriorate quickly. For that reason alone, a good quality concrete sealer should be used.

The recommended amount of time for resealing is every 2 or 3 years. You can wait longer if it is a low traffic area, but there may be slight fading. Not to worry however, once you reseal the suggested area, the freshness of the area will return. If however the area is a high traffic area you may want to renew the surface with stamped concrete sealers once a year.

One of the major reasons to use stamped concrete sealers is water, and its frozen counterpart ice. When water penetrates the stamped concrete, and freezes, it expands. The results of this expansion are cracking and splitting of your stamped concrete. After investing in stamped concrete, it makes sense to protect it from the most abundant source of deterioration.

If you can include using concrete sealers in to your annual property or home maintenance routine, you concrete surface will provide you with a lifetime of use. How often you must sealers will depend on how much traffic the area receives. In the end, adding value by stamping your concrete is a great idea, and stamped concrete sealers protects that value for the life of your concrete.

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