Stamped Concrete, the look you want and done easier then you think.

Concrete stamps make stamped concrete. Stamping is the process of adding texture to concrete. When finished it can resemble stone, brick, slate, cobblestone and many other products found in nature including wood. This limitless selection combined with concrete’s durability and lower cost compared to natural products makes using stamped concrete tools for your concrete an easy choice for renovation projects and new construction at your home or business.

Everyone knows that concrete is the worlds most used and durable building materials, but everyone also knows that it is dull and lifeless. There are many ways to change what your concrete looks like, and stamping is fast becoming the choice for transforming concrete.

Why pay for an expensive driveway or patio with cobblestone or bricks when, for a fraction of the cost, you can have the exact same look using stamps. When done correctly, stamping can easily resemble its high priced counterparts. In fact, not only will you save money by stamping your concrete, you will save time. Stamping you concrete can be done in the fraction of the time of a regular job and most times with out a contractor.

Design choices are endless with stamped concrete. You can have a one of a kind patio or driveway that complements your property. Don’t have a cookie cutter concrete surface when you can have a unique finish that looks great and adds value to your existing property.

The installation consists of pressing molds into the concrete while the concrete is still in its molding state. Color can also be added to your design. This is achieved by using dry shakes or color hardeners, acid stains and powder or liquid releases. All these products may be used individually or combined to create endless design and color choices

Aged cobblestone, marble, granite, flagstones, brickwork, slate tile, or even wood finishes can be accomplished using stamps and a variety of finishing techniques. When all you have to loose is a dull lifeless run of the mill driveway or patio, why not try stamping your concrete. The results will surprise you, compliment your existing décor and add value to your property.

Top 5 Reasons for choosing Stamped Concrete

• Less costly that natural materials

• Adds value to your existing property

• Unlimited design choices

• Works with new or old concrete

• Tough durable finish that lasts

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