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Used concrete mixers are just as effective as their new counterparts, however they do not cost as much as new ones. With a used concrete mixer you get the same great benefits of using a mixer with a much lower financial commitment.

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Concrete mixers vary in size and shape and are made to suit a variety of needs. Depending on what type of work you are doing some concrete mixers are better suited for certain job types then others.

Residential Use

Many homeowners are realizing that with the right tools and high quality concrete, they can mix and pour concrete for a variety of applications. Each project regardless of size can add style and value to any residential property.

Here are a few of the most common residential projects used concrete mixer:

• Concrete Patio

• Concrete Patio Benches

• Concrete Block Wall

• Concrete Floors

• Concrete Stairs

Commercial Use

Mixers are staples at construction sites. Commercial use of used mixers is very common today and has been for many years. Portable smaller mixers are used for smaller project on the job site, and larger scale machinery and trucks are used for larger scale projects.

For big projects like multi-story parking facilities or expansive industrial lots, concrete is mixed and poured at a factory before being put in large concrete trucks and then poured out at the site using a muriad of different large scale tools and machinery.

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